forest-value-seminarThe ForestValue Research Programme Midterm Seminar 2020

The ForestValue Research Programme Midterm Seminar 2020 will give a unique opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the projects’ main fields of work: advanced forest management, forest management strategies and valorization, innovative harvesting techniques and wood as building material. Therefore, this event is particularly relevant to EU policy makers, academics, companies working in the forest-based sector, and various experts from private and public institutions.

Venue The seminar will be delivered online (GoToWebinar).

Agenda The seminar will be arranged in two morning sessions on 17-18 November at 10:00 – 13:30 CET. Check out the latest Agenda and use Registration form! Welcome!

We invite you to participate in a study on small-scale forest owners’ attitudes to forest management!

20th  of January 2020, Hamburg, Germany

Small-scale forest owners are important as their perceptions and management strategies affect timber supply, ecosystem services and forest resilience in climate change. The project, ValoFor, reaches out to small-scale private forest owners in Austria, Finland, Germany, Slovenia and Sweden. One part of the project is to chart the characteristics of forest owners and to investigate their attitudes to different management strategies.

Taking part is voluntary, but we hope you will share your opinions. Your answers are important as they contribute to formulate future forest policies and management practices. Every answer is important, and the response rate will determine the overall reliability of the study.

Germany – Deutschland

HIER geht es zur ValoFor-Umfrage!

The Charm of Wood exhibition »Charm of cooperation: International collaboration for an innovative forest-based value chain«

3rd  of May 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project ValoFor was presented by communication manager at the opening of the Charm of Wood exhibition »Charm of cooperation: International collaboration for an innovative forest-based value chain« organized by InnoRenew CoE in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

ForestValue Research Programme Kick-off Seminar

23rd to 24th of May 2019, Helsinki, Finland

Project ValoFor was presented by lead partner at the ForestValue Research Programme Kick-Off Seminar. The seminar brought together around 70 participants from all around Europe to learn about the 17 projects selected for funding under the 1st Joint Call of the ForestValue Research Programme and to exchange information and ideas among people with a common interest: innovating the forest-based bioeconomy.

ValoFor Kick-Off meeting

ValoFor Kick-off meeting

ValoFor team members at the Kick-off meeting

19 to 22 of February 2019, Vienna, Austria

The project ValoFor Kick-off meeting was hosted by the lead partner Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (BFW) in Vienna.